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Refund Policy

The yearly subscription support plan offered by our organization obliges a twelve-month responsibility and is refundable within of 30 days of subscription.  Nevertheless, depending upon the preference of organization heap of an individual case, payment can be refundable in any case due to any cause if you are not content or fulfilled with the services, however, we will try to solve the issues. It might be the possibility, if you are still not satisfied with our service, we offer a cash back arrangement as takes after:

Eventually, our organization believes in three significant values that are flexibility, transparency and trust. Under the guidance of our MD, CEO and GM, we are going to serve support with an excellent level guidance and out experts will deliver high-end technical proficiencies to resolve, even the most complex issues.

For annual/small business plans

  • If claimed within 30 days of agreement or subscription, plan price will be refunded.
  • The refund policy would not be valid for per frequent plans.
  • The money will not be refundable after 30 days of a subscription

Refunds are only accepted, either of the following circumstances:

  • When you have all the essentials that are required to troubleshoot the issues and the issue that was not resolved until the time record was active.
  • The problem is out of scope for the particular plan.
  • After the issue was last worked upon by our organization experts, 30 days have not passed.
  • There might not be closed ticket or fixed problems in the past for unlimited plans.

User responsibility (very important) in connection with obtaining services, you agree that you will:

Please cooperate with us; we will utilize commercially reasonable attempts to provide the satisfactory online support. As per our past experiences, most of the issues can be rectified as a result of close assistance, between you and the technician. It is requested to listen carefully to the technician and follow the instructions given by the technician. It is necessary to confirm the following  situations are correct: The circumstances giving rise to the question is reproducible on an individual system, i.e. one computer system with its terminal and other peripherals; you must be aware of hardware system and any software involved, you might also be aware of the environment surrounding the situation, the complete system, which includes software and hardware would be available to you and accessible by you without any limit during any telephone discussions with us.


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